ADA-Systems develops and manufactures ‘High speed, high resolution 2D dynamic pressure measurement plates’ for OEM customers in the scientific and industrial world.

As this is a mouthful of words, we’ll simply call it ‘pressure plates’ from here on.

OEM customers

Our mainly international OEM customers typically buy our products in higher volumes, and add their own software user interface tuned to their specific market.

If you are not an OEM customer, but are interested in a single product, please check our applications page for a link to our sister company RSscan International. They offer turnkey solutions for human gait analysis and posturography applications, well known under the name ‘RSscan footscan®'.

What are pressure plates?

The pressure plates contain thousands of pressure sensitive elements, arranged in a 2D matrix.

The plate connects over USB to a computer. Software running on the computer allows visualizing the data in real time, and recording it to a hard disk. These recordings can be further processed and analyzed.

Below you can see an example of our company logo being pushed onto a pressure plate.

Visit the tab applications to see how the above pressure image of our logo was created, and what other applications are possible.

For more technical details about pressure plates, please visit the tab technology. Under the OEM Products tab you’ll find our off-the shelve available plates, as well as the SDK and information on custom solutions.

If you are interested in our OEM products, or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.